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A Small Detail In Stray Kids’ Zombie Version Of “MANIAC” Proves How Great Of A Leader Bang Chan Is

Fans were really touched when they noticed.

Stray Kids recently released a special version of their “MANIAC” dance practice where they dressed up as zombies.

The members truly committed to their zombie performances in everything from their incredible makeup and styling…

… To their zombie-like interpretation of the original choreography…

… To their pretend eating each other…

… To even the zombie sound effects they made sure to include.

The members definitely had an absolute blast filming this special dance practice.

Fans even joked that they wouldn’t run away if they saw zombie Stray Kids in real life.

But there was one member in particular who probably had the most fun filming the special dance practice. When fans looked closely at the members’ styling, they noticed a tiny detail on Bang Chan‘s stomach.

Along with fake blood was a small drawing of a character named Jureumi.

Jureumi is a character that Lee Know has been drawing since elementary school.

He often uploads photos to Stray Kids’ Instagram with Jureumi or sends drawings to fans through Bubble.

Lee Know even sent fans a zombie version of Jureumi to celebrate the special dance practice.

Recently, Lee Know had messaged fans on Bubble, saying that he had wanted to draw Jureumi on Hyunjin‘s side when he wore a revealing top for one of their “MANIAC” stages. But Hyunjin wouldn’t let him.

But even though Lee Know was upset that he couldn’t draw Jureumi on Hyunjin, it seems he finally got his chance by being able to draw Jureumi on Bang Chan.

Fans are imagining the cute interaction of Bang Chan readily agreeing since he’s Lee Know’s only hyung.

But fans aren’t surprised by Bang Chan’s kindness towards his members, especially since he recently said in one of his Chan’s Room VLIVEs that he’s happiest when his members are happy.

Even though Jureumi was a small detail in the dance practice, it definitely shows how incredible of a leader Bang Chan is.

You can watch the zombie version of “MANIAC” here.

Source: Koreaboo

BTS’s V Has The Best Response To A Bold Fan Trying To Call Him “Daddy”

Have ARMYs found the one meme V doesn’t know?

It’s no secret that BTS‘s V loves using Weverse to interact with fans.

Although V has also tried dabbling in Instagram Q&As as a way to interact with fans, which is likely inspired by Jungkook‘s recent entertaining Instagram Stories, he definitely is more comfortable using Weverse.

| @thv/Instagram

In an interview with GQ, V revealed just how much being able to use Weverse to communicate with fans means to him.

I haven’t been able to spend as much time on it recently, but I was so desperate for it, to the point I needed it in order to feel like I was alive and breathing. I couldn’t see the fans, but I missed them so much. I wanted to be with them and it was the only way I could spend time with them. — V

So when V was active on Weverse, fans jumped at the chance to try and talk with the idol.

It’s not too surprising that a fan tried to flirt with V on Weverse as well. And one fan was exceptionally bold with their comment, referencing the “sorry daddy” meme. The meme is typically used to express someone’s attractiveness.

And while it’s not uncommon to see it used between fans…

Even fans were surprised that someone said it so directly to V.

However, the meme seems to have gotten lost in translation as the initial comment more accurately reads, “Dad? Sorry, did you say dad? Sorry, did you say dad? Sorry sorry, are you saying Taehyung Dad?”

And so V’s response to the comment was actually incredibly endearing since he likely didn’t understand the intended meaning. V focused on his aspirations for being a father, replying “Wow, Taehyung Dad.. I can’t imagine it. I really hope my future son or daughter is a cooler person than me.”

And fans, of course, found V’s sentimental answer to be both funny given the context…

And incredibly touching.

But, ultimately, fans can agree that they hope V never finds out what the fan actually meant.

Source: Koreaboo