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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Top 3 Best Fashion Looks, According to a Media Outlet

On Nov. 5, the Korean news outlet My Daily selected the top 3 best fashion looks of BLACKPINK Jennie that caught everyone’s attention.

BLACKPINK member Jennie has established herself as one of the leading fashionistas in the entertainment industry by easily digesting whatever outfits she wears. In fact, every clothing the “SOLO” singer wears, the items immediately sell out in stores.


(Photo : Instagram: @jennierubyjane)

These are BLACKPINK Jennie’s Top 3 Best Fashion Looks, as Stated by a News Outlet

Training Fashion Look


The first one on the list is a hip-hop training look. In the picture above, Jennie is sporting a green training outfit made of velvet material, which creates a rather hip atmosphere. The whole look consists of a cropped zip-up hoodie and slim-fit pants that expose her toned body.

In addition, BLACKPINK Jennie added a natural mood by not tying the laces attached to the pants and letting them hang as it is. It may be an ordinary training suit, but the rapper made her look more unique with sunglasses and a messy bun.

Denim Fashion Style


The second fashion look that perfectly suits BLACKPINK member Jennie is the denim fashion style. In the photo above, the “Ice Cream” singer is wearing a denim jacket with a wine-colored zip-up leather top.

Jennie then paired them with wide-leg jeans with vintage printings on them. She then completed her look by wearing a pair of black sunglasses and black shoes.

Preppy Look


In addition to the chic and sexy concept, BLACKPINK Jennie also looks stunning with an innocent and cute styling like the preppy look.

In the image above, the “Lovesick Girls” songstress boasted a youthful look like a teenager by matching a gray pleated skirt with a white short-sleeved T-shirt with a few lettering. She also wears a V-neck knitted vest, which is considered to be a must-have item to create the preppy look. Which one of these fashion looks of BLACKPINK Jennie do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!

BLACKPINK Jennie is the New Face of the Coco Crush Jewelry Campaign of CHANEL

In other news, Jennie has been announced as the new face of CHANEL’s Coco Crush jewelry line. On Nov. 3, CHANEL teased their upcoming “Coco Crush” collection with BLACKPINK Jennie. The brand shared a photo of the singer wearing their silver rings of various sizes.

BLACKPINK Jennie for Chanel Coco Crush

(Photo : Hypebae)

The luxury accessories come with black nails and the K-pop star’s no-make-up face highlighted with winged eyeliner. According to the announcement, Jennie’s campaign for Chanel Coco Crush will be wholly unveiled in January 2022, so more details are expected to be revealed soon.

Coco Crush is one of Chanel’s most iconic fine jewelry collections that has been on the market since 1955. The new campaign comes after the announcement of BLACKPINK Jennie being the face of House’s global campaign “Coco Neige 2021/2022 Collection” this past September.


Regarding the clothes included in the collection, Jennie commented, “I think that each clothing in the collection has its own appeal. I was astonished by how Virginie Viard brought out the elegance in skiwear and made a diverse and unpredictable collection feel complete.”

She added that she is a fan of winter sports and that she can’t wait to go skiing while wearing the Coco Neige collection this winter.