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Wanna Learn Korean? Now You Can Join BTS Korean Class

“Learn! кσяєαn with BTS” кσяєαn cläṩṩ open to global кσяєαn learning that crosses the Corona barrier. The кσяєαn language course textbook of BTS, has entered the prestigious medical school in the UK.

According to the кσяєα Foundation (KF) (Chairman Lee Geun) on the 4th, Sheffield University in the UK will have Learn! KF e-School кσяєαn language course was opened using the textbook “Learn! KOREAN with BTS”.

It’s the first in the UK to be opened last year following Middlebury College in the US, Higher Education in ḟŕäńċệ, ThangLong University in Vietnam, and Ain Shams University in Egypt.

This year, KF will open regular BTS кσяєαn credit courses at 11 universities in 8 countries including the US, UK, jαpαn and Vietnam.

Sheffield University is a prestigious university belonging to the Russell Group called Ivy League in the UK, and has been offering кσяєαn language courses for over 40 years before the current Hallyu fever.

The university’s кσяєαn department was once in danger of abolition due to a shortage of students. However, thanks to the support for the establishment of the KF professorships, the efforts reached 130 in 2020, and the number of new students has long since surpäṩṩed the jαpαnese and Chinese departments.

Sheffield University’s ‘KF eSchool BTS кσяєαn Course’ was confirmed in December of last year, but there were many twists and turns until the actual lecture began.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 mutant virus in the UK, high-intensity containment measures have been followed, making it impossible for group cläṩṩes and even to deliver textbooks to students.

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embäṩṩy of the Republic of кσяєα in the UK, and the кσяєαn Education Center in єиgℓαи∂, KF delivered the textbooks to local faculty members, and the faculty sent them back to each student by mail. Students received packaged textbooks, such as gifts, and thanked them by taking a verification shot.

On February 10th, Sheffield University’s ‘KF eSchool BTS кσяєαn Lecture’ began. About 40 students each Wednesday and Saturday in their own space, at the corner of the desk, ‘Learn! KOREAN with BTS’ кσяєαn textbook is open, and кσяєαn language is learned by watching a video of a кσяєαn professor across the monitor.

The lecture is conducted in a co-teaching (collaborative cläṩṩ) mєthod by professors at Hankuk University of Foreign Stu∂ιєs and professors at Sheffield University.

Although it is a difficult course, students are interested in learning кσяєαn.

Over the past 10 years, more than 320.000 university students from around the world have taken кσяєαn Stu∂ιєs/Language courses from the KF e-school, and demand from overseas universities has surged, and this year, a total of 489 courses are scheduled to be held at 155 universities in 49 countries.

KF President Lee Geun said: “The ‘KF e-School BTS кσяєαn Lecture’ is meaningful in that interest in кσяєαn Wave such as K-pop naturally leads to interest and learning in кσяєαn and кσяєα.”

This year, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the e-school, ‘e-School 2.0’ will be promoted to establish itself as the ‘кσяєα’s leading online кσяєαn stu∂ιєs lecture provider.

Since its establishment in 1991, KF has been striving to promote кσяєαn stu∂ιєs/language in overseas universities through projects such as establishment of professorships, dispatch of visiting professors, employment support for local teachers, scholarship support for graduate students, and global e-schools.

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